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  • Juvenile gun violence is on the rise as schools, and national leaders are on the search for solutions.
  • More than 2 million young people under 18 are arrested annually, and in 2019, juvenile offenders committed 860 murders in the U.S., which accounts for 7% of known murder offenses.
Image Credit: CJR Photo Collection
Image Credit: CJR Photo Collection Center for Justice Research

Key Observations

  • Academic institutions lack a diverse faculty pool, specifically Black faculty members within the field of criminal justice and criminology graduate programs.
  • We found that sixty-eight percent of colleges and universities have one or no Black full-time, tenured/tenure-track faculty-members in their department.
  • We must recognize and acknowledge how academic institutions maintain…
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Key Observations

  • The movement seeks to demilitarize police departments and reallocate funding to trained mental health workers and social workers to reduce unnecessary violent encounters between police and citizens.
  • Research has found that the police don’t have a notoriously efficient track record of solving violent crime.
  • If we are effective, funding public…
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Key Observations

  • In the age of Black Lives Matter and pledges from numerous organizations to foster an atmosphere of inclusion, support to make Black hair acceptable in the workplace, school, and other arenas that are traditionally deemed “professional” continue to grow.
  • However, Black people are still profiled and punished for their natural…
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  • Over 640,000 people return to our communities from prison each year.
  • Prisoner reentry should be understood as a critical piece of any racial justice agenda.
  • A well-developed, evidence-supported action plan for enhancing transitions from prison to society will focus on increasing independence, reducing racial and ethnic disparities, and…
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  • School discipline disproportionately affects students of color.
  • In the name of creating ‘safer’ student learning environments, public schools have put into place strict, zero-tolerance policies designed to address misconduct.
  • School-based policies that criminalize cultural expressions are worthy of continued scrutiny, as they are nothing short of cultural, gender…
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  • 25 million Americans have gathered in the streets, in all 50 states, to express their discontent with police practices in the weeks since the killing of George Floyd.
  • Ultimately, transparency and accountability must serve as guides along the path to police reform.
  • It is time for law enforcement…
Image Credit: CJR Photo Collection
Image Credit: CJR Photo Collection

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